In the collecting Info stage

17 Dec

For the past number of weeks, I’ve been monitoring this Carrier IQ epidemic. It seems that a lot of people are just shrugging their shoulders when it comes down to it, or… their taking there aggression out in various ways, such as destroying their phones.
Senator Al Franken of Minnesota seems to be taking this issue on, on behalf of us the consumers, (“We the people” that hold all the success of the products that these company’s make.) Sen. Al Franken gave all the wireless carriers, phone manufactures as well as CIQ deadlines to inform him as to why their wanting all this info, what their doing with it and getting less than satisfactory answers.
Would you let your neighbor look throw your windows anytime they wanted? to let them see how your living your daily life behind your own closed doors, just so that they can make educated small talk with you from the other side of the fence in the future? NO! So why are we letting companies like Carrier IQ do this with there software…?
I believe it’s long past time that “We the people” use our voice, to step in and say “This is not ok!” Once I purchase this product, it’s mine and you have know right to know what I’m doing with it.

On a lighter note, developer Supercurio has an app on the market “VooDoo Carrier IQ Detector” that tells you if you have Carrier IQ on your phone and if it’s active.

For more info on this issue please read the recently published articles:

just to name a few… :)

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